Industrial Minerals Association – Europe


IMA-Europe is an umbrella organisation which brings together a number of European associations specific to individual minerals as Calcium Carbonates (GCC/PCC), Dolomite, Andalusite, Bentonite, Borates, Diatomite, Feldspar, Kaolin, Lime, Mica, Plastic Clays, Sepiolite, Silica, Talc, Vermiculite.


Together, IMA-Europe's associations represent over 500 companies in 28 countries.



  • Mon, 10/02/2020
    Learn more about the industrial mineral sector and the many activities and projects that IMA-Europe lead and/or engaged in 2019. You can download the annual report here. If you wish to have a print...
  • Tue, 21/01/2020
    Learn how the industrial mineral sector contributes to biodiversity across Europe via mining integration, compensation and restoration.
  • Tue, 14/01/2020
    We are happy to announce that Elena García Caffarena has joined IMA-Europe as Office Assistant. You can reach Elena in English, French and Spanish via and +32 (0)2 210 44 10...