The creation of a harmonised system for the unique identification and the traceability of an explosive – from its production site and its first placing on the market until its final user and its use – aims at reducing the misuse for terrorist purposes and ensuring the security of citizens.

The implementation of the Directive 2012/4/EU of 22 February 2012 amending Directive 2008/43/EC setting up, pursuant to Council Directive 93/15/EEC, a system for the identification and traceability of explosives for civil uses has been postponed due to the difficulties and challenges that it means for the supply chain.

The new deadlines for implementation are:

  • 5 April 2013 for manufacturers and importers to properly mark explosives following the new requirements
  • 5 April 2015 for the supply chain to keep date collection and record keeping

Industrial Minerals producers are users of explosives. IMA-Europe actively participates in the working group created in order to identify the areas that need further work and cooperation, to communicate and to pass on the message to all relevant players and to prepare an action plan to insure the proper implementation of the directive on time. The group includes explosives manufacturers and their representatives, supply chain representatives, software providers and representatives from the European Commission.