ELCN Life Project

The European Commission launched a LIFE Call in 2016 for the creation of a European Landowners Conservation Network. IMA-Europe was invited by Project Coordinator NABU (Germany) to join the ELCN LIFE Project as industry partner. The other project partners are Eurosite (EU), Natuurpunt (Belgium), Montis (Portugal), Fundacion Biodiversidad (Spain), Fundatia ADEPT (Romania), ELY Centre Lapland (Finland) and WWF Oasi (Italy).
The ELCN LIFE project aims to investigate possible incentives for private land owners to engage in conservation activities. The pilot actions under the work programme range from investigating fiscal and regulatory options, private land conservation best practices and the role of public recognition. The resulting guidelines and recommendations are intended to provide the European Commission with a useful governance tool for shaping future EU policy notably within Natura 2000, and help to improve the implementation of the Birds and Habitats Directives. This initiative falls under Action 8c (p.29) of the recently published "Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy" http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/info/pubs/docs/brochures/Action_p...
IMA-Europe will contribute through a pilot action assessing the role of public recognition in private land conservation, following the example of the IMA-Europe Recognition Award on Biodiversity which it launched in 2016 (www.ima-europe.eu/award). The project was kicked off in Berlin on 19 & 20 June 2017 and will run until end July 2020.