EuBA finalizes the Life Cycle Inventories (LCI) of two bentonite products

Monday, 24 November, 2014

The European Bentonite Association (EUBA, member of IMA-Europe) finalized the LCI of two bentonite products: 
1. Bentonite sodium activated granular and 
2. Bentonite sodium activated powder. 
Main applications for these bentonite products are: pet litter, foundry molding sands, pelletizing of iron ore, civil engineering, paper, others. All EuBA member companies provided data from extraction and processing facilities located in EU+Turkey+Morocco. Data collection, consolidation, modeling and averaging were conducted by an external consultant and they have successfully passed the critical review in line with all LCA standard requirements. In case you need the bentonite inventories to perform LCA studies, do not hesitate to submit a request: